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Here to support you through your journey

Now accepting most insurances. Please see contact  page for further information.



Different therapeutic approaches are available for various situations and stages of change. This is an outpatient setting for those meeting that level of care. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to process and belief systems to improve moods, self-esteem, and relationships. Psychodynamic interventions help an individual understand their reactions and belief systems. Relapse Prevention therapy can assist those with a variety of addictive behaviors and struggles learn their triggers and coping skills. 


Treatment for an individual with or without family members for a variety of issues. These can include life transitions, stress, depression, loss, relationships issues, and more. 


Individual counseling for those suffering from a substance use disorder of various degrees. I have the CAADC license to treat these disorders.


Whether you've had a diagnosis of PTSD or some other trauma reaction, these are serious events that cause a lasting impact. It could be an event that happened yesterday or 50 years ago or a combination of events over time. Clinician has specialized training in trauma through Starr Commonwealth. 

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